Thursday, August 21, 2008

Look Dad! Bubbles!

As Kayley's Dad, it's still my job to embarrass her a little bit right? Good. I had the honor of giving Kayley a bath tonight. They normally do it during the day but Megan wasn't able to and the nurse was quite busy with having 3 babies to feed. So tonight, the nurse got the bath ready while I got Kayley prepared. After getting her wrapped up, I put her in the tub. Not even a minute later, I hear rumblings. I look down and Kayley gave me this look like, "Yes. I do feel better." I unwrapped the blanket to inspect the damage and to my surprise, it was all air. That would have been a mess.

Kayley ate well again today. During the day the nurse said she ate about half of each of her feedings from the bottle. That's at least 30 cc's. Then, Grandma came in tonight and fed Kayley 51 cc's at the 6 pm feeding. After Kayley's bath, I managed to give Kayley 45 cc's. Those are all pretty good totals. It seems that Kayley just can't get over the hump. The nurses keep telling us that one of these days, Kayley's just going to get it and that will be it. She'll take off from there. So, we're waiting patiently.

Kayley gained a good amount of weight tonight. She is now up to 3400 grams (7 lbs 7 oz). That's up 65 grams from last night. And looking at the picture above, I think it all went to her cheeks.

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