Monday, August 18, 2008

Put Me Down For A Mudbath Tomorrow And A Seaweed Body Wrap For Tuesday

Megan and I finally got around to taking the infant massage class. The therapist came to Kayley's room today so we (Megan) could get some hands-on experience. I took plenty of photos and videos.

The massage class was very helpful and everything that the therapist said made a lot of sense. In the beginning, we need to start to gain Kayley's trust. Up until now, most of the time when someone grabs her foot it has been to poke her with a needle. And when someone lifts up her arm, it's usually to put a thermometer in her armpit to take her temperature. Kayley receives a lot of negative touch day in and day out. It's just the nature of being in the NICU and being monitored all the time. So, we will start slow with the massages.

Today's massage went very well. The therapist warned us at the beginning that Kayley may not tolerate a lot of it. Well, luckily Kayley takes after her mom. She welcomed the massage. She was very relaxed throughout and the therapist commented that she was a "star." How do you like that? Kayley is a star at getting massages. Lucky for her future husband.

We learned today that Kayley was quite the eater yesterday and throughout the night. The day nurse yesterday was able to feed Kayley a full bottle (60 cc's) at her 6 pm feeding. Then I came in and Kayley took 52 cc's from me. The night nurse had a couple feedings in the 30's throughout the night. Today, Megan fed Kayley 36 cc's. Grandma Marla came in for the 3 pm feeding and fed Kayley 46 cc's. Then tonight, Kayley took 55 cc's from me. She's getting the hang of it.

Kayley gained 55 grams tonight. She is now up to 3285 grams (7 lbs 3 oz). It's so crazy to remember what it was like when she was only 3 lbs.

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  1. Kayley looks like she is loving the massage! It's great to see she is doing so well.

    Love you all,