Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lazy Days Of Summer

After yesterday, we were all trying to guess when we'd be able to bring Kayley home. She finished her first bottle. Surely she was going to take off and we'd only be here a couple more days to a week. Then Kayley has a day like today where she just doesn't seem to be ready to go home yet. As you know, the last hurdle for Kayley is to take all of her feedings through a bottle or the breast. Taking a whole bottle was a giant leap toward that goal. However, that doesn't mean she's going to do that every time...yet. She was a little bit sleepy/lazy today. And tonight, she wasn't real interested in taking the bottle from me either. She only took 20 cc's. Like always, we'll try again tomorrow. And knowing Kayley, she'll surprise us with another good day like she has so many times.

Kayley's going to wait at least until tomorrow to reach that 7 lb mark. She did gain 20 grams tonight but that fell .2 oz short of 7 lbs. She now weighs 3170 grams (6 lbs 15.8 oz).

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