Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Man, I Was Thirsty

As the picture above shows, Kayley finished a whole bottle for the night nurse this morning! It started with a good feeding at midnight. Kayley took 49 cc's. That was the most she's taken up to that point. She slept through the 3 am feeding and then the nurse bottle fed her again at 6 am. That's when Kayley took the whole bottle for the first time. The nurse said Kayley was a little tired at the end but she really didn't want to give the bottle up. What a great accomplishment. Then, Kayley took 42 cc's for me tonight. She's consistently in the 40 cc range now when she is fed with the bottle.

Kayley weighed in 65 grams more than last night. That put her at 3150 grams (6 lbs 15 oz) total. I can't believe our little 3 lb'er will be 7 lbs within the next couple days. Unbelievable...

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