Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Part 2

When we got home from Omaha on the 24th, we quickly made sugar cookies for Santa.  The kids were really excited and we had a hard time getting them to settle down and fall asleep!  Once we got her in bed, Kayley fell asleep pretty quickly. 

Poor Drew just couldn't fall asleep and had a million questions about Santa.  I thought he believed without question, but he made a comment saying maybe there isn't a Santa and maybe it is just your parents.  I was shocked.  I asked him where he heard that and he said he hadn't heard it anywhere, he just thought it.  Then I asked him if he really thought we would buy him all of the presents and he quickly said no.  He has to still believe!  He is too young to not believe.

The kids were really excited when they woke up on Christmas morning.  They couldn't take it any longer by 7am so we had to wake Ryan up and come down to open presents.  Ryan didn't know what to think when he got downstairs.

Here is a video of each of them opening their first gifts:

Here are some pictures of the kids and a few of their gifts:

Santa brought Drew and Kayley sleds. 
Too bad we have no snow!
Dartboard for Drew (or Dad??)

Kayley's pillow that lights up

Drew has wanted this book since
he saw it at his school book fair.


Ryan's new book

He really loves Elmo!

All those new toys and this is how he
chooses to spend his time!

Matching PJs with her doll

More matching PJs!

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