Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Part 3 and Drew's Birthday Part 1

Do you like my "parts" posts?  :-)

My brother arrived from Peoria on New Year's Eve.  He was tired by the time he got here so he stayed home and Andy and I headed out for New Year's at about 11pm.  We were home by 2am so it was a short, but late night!

We celebrated Christmas with my family on New Year's Day.  The kids were really excited to open presents.  It had been killing them to look at them under the tree for so long! 

Ryan opening a musical soccer ball from Matt

Shoulder pads from Matt

Harley sweatshirt from Matt

Phoenix Suns jersey from Grandma and Grandpa!


Cinderella!!  All ready for
Disney World!

Dressed in full pads from Matt!

Andy and I had to go back to work on Thursday.  :-(  It was really hard to get up and go back this year!  I had really enjoyed my two weeks off!  Drew, Kayley and Ryan entertained Matt, Grandma and Grandpa while we were at work.

We celebrated Drew's 7th birthday on Saturday.  He requested his favorite cake - funfetti.  We mixed it up this year and went with blue frosting.

Getting ready to start opening

Fitzgerald jersey from Matt! He also got one from
Grandma and Grandpa...we'll have better
communication next year!

Bears helmet from Matt

Bears sweatshirt

Stomp rocket from Grandma and Grandpa

Ryan was not happy that he didn't get to open any presents!
Cake time
Ready to catch some passes in his new jersey and pads

Drew got a a lot of nice gifts from Grandma, Grandpa and Matt.  In addition to the above, he got two more books (Big Book of How and First Big Book of Space).  He now has enough books to keep him busy for awhile!

Today we have been indoors most of the day.  It started snowing last night and has been snowing all day.  The low tonight is -18 and the high tomorrow is -8.  I hope our furnace holds up! 

Dad, Drew and Kayley shoveling this morning (Andy is
out for round two right now).

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