Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hair Pulled Out ---> Hair Cut

Poor Ryan had a rough week.  On Wednesday, a "friend" (they never tell you who did it, just that it was a friend) pulled Ryan's hair and pulled so hard, he pulled Ryan's hair out. 

They called me at work to tell me and said it was bad, but I figured it probably wasn't very bad.  I mean, how much hair can a toddler pull out?  However, having any hair pulled out is painful.  When I got home and saw how bad it was, I felt terrible for Ryan.  He seemed fine though.  He didn't touch it at all while we were eating dinner and was fine during his bath.  But, when I put him to bed and laid him on his back like I always do, he started crying.  He never does that.  I felt awful for him.  He rolled over to his side and wimpered.  He woke up 4 or 5 times during the night.  I think it was because his head hurt when he rolled onto his back, but he was sick recently so it could have been related to that too.  Thankfully, he was fine the next day.

I took him in for a haircut on Saturday.  We cut it a lot shorter than what it had been.  It will be a little harder for the friend to get a good grip now!

Kayley also got her hair cut on Saturday (yeah, I know she just got it cut).  We decided to cut it even shorter in the back.  It looked really cute when we left the salon.  She combed it for these pictures and she has slept on it so it is a little off.  I am hoping it will lay nicely when we get ready for school each day...

Grandpa Butch is in town visiting this weekend.  We went to Drew's basketball game yesterday afternoon and Ryan entertained us by showing off his "1 pack" while Drew was taking a break.

After the game, we went bowling.  Kayley wasn't very interested, but she bowled anyway and beat Drew pretty soundly in one of the two games.  He was not impressed! 


It was also Ryan's first time bowling.  He enjoyed it so he is definitely a Thiel!


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  1. Oh my goodness! Poor Ryan!! Seeing that picture just broke my heart. Awful!!!

    Kaylee's haircut is precious!! She looks so grown up!