Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kayley's haircut

Kayley and I have been battling for a long time about her hair.  She never wants to comb it, she refuses to pull it up, and she pulls out headbands and clips after a couple of hours.  The result is stringy or straggly hair that falls into her face.  And we all remember what she has done in the past when her hair gets in her face:

I have been thinking about cutting her hair and every time I mention it to her, she says she doesn't want to cut it until it is as long as her friend's hair (her friend has beautiful thick hair down to her waist).  Finally, I told her if we cut it shorter, it will be easier to do in the morning and we won't have to fight about getting all the tangles out.  That sold her so we had it cut on Tuesday.  The stylist we normally use went home sick so we had someone new.  I was a little nervous to cut it too short and they stylist recommended leaving it a little longer.  I like it, but definitely wish we would have gone shorter.  Next time!

Before (we were running really late to the appointment so I didn't get the chance to take a true before picture, but you get the idea):

She let me comb it before we took this picture


At the salon

Proud of her new haircut

She thought people would like to see the side view

Showing some attitude at Drew's game

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