Sunday, February 2, 2014

Slow Week

It was a slow week at our house so I don't have much to write about (or pictures).  Drew and Kayley missed school on Monday and Tuesday due to cold.  Yep, cold.  Not snow, not ice.  Cold.  I hate to say this because I hated it when people said it to me, but back in my day, that didn't happen!  Unless there was a lot of snow or ice on the roads, we went to school.  We may have had a late start, but we went.  Illinois doesn't do late starts, but they should! 

We did get snow yesterday and we got quite a bit so the kids have been in heaven.  I am officially over winter, but it appears it isn't done with us.  We are looking to get 3-6 more inches on Tuesday, with the possibility of a major winter storm (do they throw in that last part because they don't have any idea how much we will actually get?).  And temperatures look to be going below zero on Wednesday and Thursday night so we are looking at the possibility of no school on Thursday and Friday from that if not from the possible major winter storm.  Grrr!!!  The kids are going to be in school until the second week of June at this rate. 

Drew is King Bee (his classroom theme is bumblebees) next week at school.  As part of that, he gets to bring home Buzzy the Bee for the weekend.  He did the same thing last year with Ollie the Owl.  Drew has to bring pictures and write a note to his class about what they did over the weekend.  We took a few pictures of Buzzy's time with us and that is it for pictures this week!

Drew and Buzzy in the snow tunnel

We made sugar cookies while it snowed

Painting on Sunday

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