Sunday, February 9, 2014

Die Winter...Die!

We got more snow this week so the kids had another snow day on Wednesday. This picture has been on Facebook a lot recently and it is exactly how I feel!

I will be in San Diego for 6 days at the end of February for work and I cannot wait to get out of here for awhile!  On the bright side, the kids absolutely love the snow and are outside sledding as I type this.  At least someone is having fun.

The kids visit the school library once a week and check out one book.  This is the book Kayley picked this week:

So much for bedtime reading!  She found a recipe for Princess Pink Popcorn that she wanted to try so we made it on Wednesday evening.

It was pretty, but it tasted horrible.  Kayley even hated it!  But, she had fun making it.  :-)

Drew had what was supposed to be his last basketball game yesterday so each kid got a trophy.  The trophy made his day!  Due to all of the snow, his team has make up games next weekend so the season isn't quite over yet.

Team picture

Drew with his trophy

Kayley was very proud of Drew!

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  1. Checking out a cookbook, now that is funny and another trophy for Drew's shelf. Awesome. I hope your winter die's very soon for when I get there. Ha!