Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Part 1

We celebrated Christmas on Sunday, December 22nd with Andy's family in Omaha.  The kids loved opening and playing with all of their presents (and each other's presents)!

Grandpa with his grandchildren
Ryan's ball pit was enjoyed by just about every cousin.  Here are the boys enjoying themselves:

Kayley has wanted roller skates ever since we gave some to Angela's daughter, Amelia, for her 6th birthday.  Matt and Kim came through and she was a happy girl!  Here is her first attempt at roller skating.  We have some work to do, but she had a great attitude!

Ryan's tackle dummy from his cousin Noah was also a big hit with the boys.  Here he is playing with JD:

We gave Macie a microphone and she sang us Taylor Swift.  Noah wanted to sing too and his choice was Macklemore:

We had our annual steak and crab Christmas dinner Sunday night.  This year was a little different as it involved a grill fire, but with some quick thinking on Matt's part, dinner was saved! 

We spent Monday at Matt and Kim's house.  The kids entertained themselves playing with their gifts.  The older kids went with JD to see Santa.  My brother stopped by to say hi to the kids too. 

Drew, Macie and JD visiting Santa

We had a great time in Omaha as always. The kids were sad to leave on the 24th, but excited to get home and wait for Santa at the same time. The drive home was long again and Ryan didn't sleep nearly as much as we would have liked, but thankfully he was entertained by the DVDs Drew and Kayley were watching.

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