Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sickness, snow and a holiday show

We are still enjoying the Iowa victory over Nebraska last weekend.  Andy, my brother and my dad watched the game at the Pour House while mom and I watched it at home with the kids.  Drew gets into character whenever he watches football!

Kayley had a rough week.  She had a fever on Sunday and then complained of a sore throat Monday morning so we kept her home.  She was feeling better on Tuesday so she went to school on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Wednesday night she started in with a cough that sounded like croup and started complaining of her throat again.  Strep is going around her class so we were a little worried about that.  Even though she has her tonsils out, her pediatrician has told us she could still get strep so Andy took her to the pediatrician on Thursday.  The rapid strep test came back negative, but she did have an ear infection.  She woke up Friday morning with a fever again.  Poor girl can't catch a break!  However, motrin and tylenol are miracle medicines.


She was much better Saturday morning.  Go figure.  She is extremely excited to go to school tomorrow because it is her half birthday.  Since she has a summer birthday, she gets to celebrate her half birthday at school.  She seems more excited than she is on her actual birthday!  She did ask if I was going to get her any half birthday presents.  I told her nice try, but no.  :-)

Drew, Kayley and I went to the Caterpillar holiday laser light show this afternoon at the civic center with some friends.  I think I was the only one that didn't really like it.  Don't get me wrong, it was done really well and the music was fantastic, but all of the lights gave me a headache.  I kept having to look away. 

We had our first real snow today so when we got home, Drew and Kayley bundled up and headed outside.  Kayley had a personal record of at least 20 minutes outside and Drew was outside for over an hour and then helped Andy shovel the sidewalk and driveway tonight.  He told me he really loves snow! 

Ryan's new favorite thing is Elmo.  He found the Elmo potty book we bought Drew when we potty trained him and he loves it.  He started saying Elmo and whenever he sees Elmo, he yells Elmo.  Kayley and I were at Sam's Club and she found a big Elmo and wanted to get it for Ryan.  I decided to buy it for Ryan as a gift from Drew and Kayley.  We showed it to Ryan when we got home and he went nuts.  "Elmo! Elmo!"  He started banging on the box he was so excited.  I took video of him tonight and it was nowhere near as good as when he first saw it, but here it is anyway.  I have since wrapped Elmo and he is under the tree.

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