Friday, August 16, 2013


Mom and I took Drew, Kayley and Ryan for pictures on Tuesday morning.  We were lucky to get one or two good pictures of Drew and Kayley as babies and Drew never got one year pictures because he cried the entire time both times we took him.  Ryan has been a different story - big smiles every time we take him - until now.  :-(  He was in NO mood for pictures and was terrified of the photographer.  Grandma and I worked HARD to get him to smile.  I did get one good one of the three of them and a couple good ones of him.  Drew and Kayley did great so I guess in about 4 years, I should have another good one of Ryan!  I would like to do family pictures this fall, but trying to get pictures of the three of them had me way more stressed out than I care to be so I am not sure I will do it! 

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