Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grandpa = Bowling!

When Grandpa comes to town, we go bowling!  Andy's dad came to Peoria Friday night and met Andy and the kids out while I was hosting a jewelry party at our house.  If you know me very well at all, you are wondering why I would host a jewelry party!  Me too!  Actually, we had a great time!  However, I wish I would have picked a different day for the party because I was gone earlier in the week on a trip to Alabama for work and I didn't have much time to prepare, but it worked out in the end.  Andy and his dad attempted to take the kids bowling, but all of the lanes were full so they took them to Jillian's instead.  All Drew could talk about when they got home was that we were going bowling on Saturday since they didn't get to go on Friday.

I took the kids to a birthday party Saturday afternoon and they had their first opportunity for face painting.  They weren't sure if they wanted to do it, but after watching a few other kids, they were ready.  Kayley couldn't make up her mind.  She wanted a bunny, then the dog, then batman and finally a unicorn.  When she climbed into the chair, she said she wanted to be spiderman.  No idea where that came from, but spiderman it was!  Pink spidergirl with glitter really!  Drew hopped up into the chair and also asked for spiderman after previously saying he wanted batman.  :-)

Kayley had a meltdown at the birthday party and it started
to smear.  When I told her what was happening, she cried harder!
We attempted bowling again on Saturday night and were able to get a couple of lanes.  Andy bowls in the Caterpillar bowling league and his dad has been bowling in a league for years so they had some healthy competition and the kids were very excited as you will see. 

Kayley carrying an 8lb ball and showing off her bowling style:

Drew bowling and Andy not letting me take a video of him bowling:

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