Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stealing Toys from School

Kayley is feeling much better and going back to school tomorrow for half a day.  I decided we should address the fact that she stole toys from school last week before she goes back tomorrow. 

After Kayley threw up all over herself last week, Andy did a load of her laundry.  I folded the clothes when I got home from work.  This is what I found in the pockets of three pairs of her jeans and her coat:

Tonight before we put her to bed, I attempted to have a talk with her about stealing from school.  As you will see, Kayley isn't all that interested in having a talk (or listening to me), but she does confess.  :-)  Because we were taping it, I let it drag on to see what all she would say.  Maybe if I would have taken it a little more seriously, she would have too.  Maybe.

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