Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend with my family.  We have been spoiled by having Mom here for two weeks.  Mom came a week early when Kayley got meningitis to help watch her the week after she was discharged from the hospital.  She has cooked for us, played nonstop with the kids, gave the kids their baths and put them to bed pretty much every night.  And she put up our Christmas tree while I did the other decorations.  Thank you, Mom!!

Mom and I took the kids to see "Happy Feet Two" last weekend.  The kids still are not very into movies.  They loved eating the popcorn and candy, but that was about it.  They seemed bored and kept asking when we were going to leave.  But, after we got home from the movie, they talked nonstop about little Erik and how much they liked the movie.  Not sure what to make of that.  I think they were just happy to be home!

Dad came on Tuesday and Matt came on Wednesday. Andy and I took Matt and Dad to The Pour House Wednesday after dinner. Dad and I came home early. Matt and Andy did not. :-) We had a great Thanksgiving dinner that was cooked by Mom with some help from me.  (She has it down to a science.  If you help too much, you just get in the way!) 

On Friday, we went to The Pour House for lunch and to watch the Iowa game.  All I have to say about that is that the food was good.  Friday night we went to Mickey's in Dunlap for pizza. Andy saw some regulars from The Pour House at Mickey's so he had to chat with them and give them a little bit of a hard time about drinking at another establishment!

I haven't had our camera out once in the last few weeks so I had to steal all of these pictures from Mom!
Maybe one will be a future Picasso?  Too bad we
have not let them actually use the paint yet!

Princess Kayley

I have my paper.  I really want to paint.

Eating her breakfast and wearing
Drew's White Sox hat.

Trying on Grandpa's glasses

My turn

Waiting for our table at Mickey's

Drew frosted and sprinkled the cupcakes!

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