Sunday, July 28, 2013

Tooth Fairy...FINALLY!

It has been a LONG wait.  Most of Drew's friends have lost their first tooth (multiple teeth in many cases).  He has been asking us for over 9 months when he would lose a tooth.  He has had a loose tooth for awhile, but nothing was really happening.  Yesterday, he told Andy it seemed really loose so Andy said, "just pull it out."  And Drew did.  It bled for awhile, but he was so excited he didn't even notice. 

After that excitement, the rest of the weekend seemed kind of boring!  Andy golfed in a tournament yesterday so it was just me and the kids for most of the day.  We took Sox on a walk after breakfast and then went to the park. 

Everyone had a good time and a certain someone wasn't happy when it was time to go home.  He is not crying because he had just fallen and scraped his knee.  He is mad we had to go home!

During lunch, I decided to get adventurous and let Ryan eat with a spoon and bowl.  He thought it was great.  Too bad he still doesn't get it and most of it ended up on the floor!

Last night, my friend Dawn came to visit so we went out for a girls night.  We had a great time and I definitely miss her.  We worked together for about a year and half and then she moved back to Chicago.

Dawn left this morning and then Kayley and I headed out to shop for new bedding.  Andy and I finally bought nice bedroom furniture and it was time to get nice bedding to go with it.  We have had Andy's crappy bedroom furniture that he bought in 2001 and it was more than time to get rid of it!  We always had other things to spend the money on, but this year I put my foot down and I talked him into new stuff.  I love it!  But, I HATE decorating so it immediately stressed me out to have to pick out new bedding.  Big thanks to Angela for helping by texting and emailing with me while I was out shopping!  I am very happy with the end product and will have to post a few pictures once I get the bedspread dry cleaned and everything else washed.  Next, decorating the room...

When Kayley and I got back to the house, I took Drew to the driving range.  He can't get enough and I need serious practice before our golf tournament in a couple of weeks!  I am happy to say I am much improved over last week (the bar was really low though!).  Drew had a great time as always.  Here is a video from last weekend and two from this week. 

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