Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fun on the Farm

Drew and Kayley went to the farm with Mom and Dad on the Sunday after the Fourth of July.  Our house was really quiet to say the least.  Ryan kept it a little lively though!  He had free reign of the toy room so he enjoyed himself.  I didn't realize how much he missed Drew and Kayley though until we pulled into my parents' driveway the following weekend and he saw them.  He went CRAZY with excitement!  It was so cute!

Happy to be at the farm.

The kids had a great time on the farm as they always do.  They were very excited to take Ryan on a ride on the golf cart as soon as we arrived. 

Helmets?  Do Kayley and Drew know something
about Kayley's driving that Grandma and Ryan don't?!
They jumped off their bikes and went straight to the
golf cart when Ryan and I arrived!

Kayley's favorite thing to do on the farm?  Drive the golf cart!
Nick and Sarah brought their kids, Gracie and Owen, to my parents on Saturday for dinner.  The kids played and I had a great time catching up with Nick and Sarah. 

Time for S'mores!

Owen liked the chocolate

Drew didn't like his s'more so Kayley
took it off of his hands

Gracie and Kayley

Owen...future state wrestling champ!

This past week we have been busy.  We started Drew and Kayley in swimming lessons a few weeks ago.  Drew was a little fish when we lived in Phoenix, but he hasn't had any swimming lessons since we moved so he needed to get back into it.  Kayley was in the water a lot when we were in Phoenix, but she didn't have as many lessons as Drew did so she wasn't as comfortable in the water.

Drew has picked it up again pretty quickly.

Kayley is still getting comfortable, but she is getting there!

We had friends over for dinner Friday night.  The kids had a great time and we had fun with the adults. 

Yesterday, I took Kayley to a birthday party, but it didn't go well.  It was at Jumpstart gymnastics, which is where she goes for gymnastics and also where she had her birthday party.  The night before she didn't go to bed until 10:30 because we let her stay up late because we had friends over.  However, she got up at her normal time.  I knew she was going to be tired for the party so I made her take a nap.  I knew I would have to wake her up to get her to the birthday party on time and she doesn't do well if she is woken up from a nap, but I thought that would be better than not having her take one at all.  Well, I woke her up and she woke up CRABBY.  We finally got to the birthday party and she cried and refused to go out on the floor without me.  Let's just say it went from bad to worse and she participated for all of 30 seconds during the hour they had on the gymnastics floor.  She miraculously recovered from her shyness in time for cake.  I should have just taken her home. 

I took the kids school supply shopping today.  They are so excited and are asking to pack their backpacks already for their first day.  Let's see how excited they are when it is time to get on the bus on their first day!

Andy's shadow Drew got to mow the lawn this afternoon.  Seriously, Drew is at Andy's side all day, every day!  I think it is cute, but Andy rarely has a moment to himself.  :-)

After Drew got done cutting the grass, I took him and Kayley to the driving range.  Drew loves to golf and Kayley loves to walk around with her golf clubs.  Andy typically takes them, but he gently suggested it would be a good chance for me to get to the range before we golf in a tournament together on the 9th!  I am not sure what he was worried about...I golfed once last summer and haven't been out yet this year...I should golf great in the tournament!  We had fun at the range.  Drew hit farther than me more times than I would like to admit and Kayley spent a lot of her time happily cleaning her clubs!

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