Monday, July 1, 2013

End of June Already?!

Where did the month of June go?  Summer is going way too quickly.  Our weeknights have been busy with baseball, gymnastics and swimming lessons and the weekends bring more baseball and other fun activities. 

I have several videos of Drew playing baseball, but it takes awhile to upload the video and edit it to put it on the blog so I took the easy way out and had Andy send me a video from his phone.  Drew is a pretty good hitter and he should be with how much he practices!  He is Andy's little shadow and always asks Andy to play baseball with him.  Being the great dad he is, Andy always says yes.  Here was his final at bat for the season on Saturday:

We were supposed to watch fireworks with some friends Saturday night, but Mother Nature had other plans so we changed ours and went to their house.  They recently moved out to an acreage next to a pond.  Our kids were in heaven!  They fished for over an hour and loved it.  I hate fishing and I don't think Andy is that into it either so we may need to take the kids to Nate and Jennie's more often!

Nate took the kids for a ride on "Bill."

Drew even got to drive.

Andy took Drew to the White Sox game in Chicago on Sunday so I spent the day with Kayley and Ryan.  We ran a lot of errands and Kayley was very helpful with Ryan - always ready to give him a snack or a toy or his pacifier when we needed it!  She loves being the big sister. 

Ryan got up from his nap before Kayley so I took some videos of him.  He is definitely in the phase of dropping things from his highchair.  The sippy cup hits the ground 3 or 4 times every meal and snack and if you don't watch him closely, the second he is done eating, he starts throwing the food over for Sox.  I forgot how fun this phase is.

After Kayley woke up from her nap, we loaded up the car and headed to Bicycle Safety Town.  Kayley had a lot of fun and obeyed most of the traffic signals and signs.  :-)  While Kayley rode all around with her baby, I pushed Ryan in the stroller and listened to him babble.  He is very talkative these days! 

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