Monday, June 24, 2013


Baseball, swimming lessons, gymnastics, visits with law school friends, Father's Day, golf, fevers and Nashville!  That pretty much sums up the last couple of weeks.

I am working on videos from Drew's baseball game, but as of right now, all I have is a picture of Ryan after one of the games.  Ryan played hard while Drew played baseball and was exhausted!

After Drew's baseball game on the 15th, we drove to Davenport to celebrate Angela's birthday and we had a great time catching up with everyone.  We tried to get a few pictures of our babies and one of all of the kids, but it is getting harder and harder to get the babies to cooperate!

We celebrated Father's Day on Sunday.  The kids' gifts were all adorable, but Drew's was hilarious.

This was the best picture I got of the kids with Andy on Father's Day.  Yeah, we need to practice up before we get family pictures taken one of these days!

Andy bought Drew new golf clubs and Kayley her first set.  She is very excited for her pink clubs.


And she likes posing with her clubs.

And she even seems to like golfing.  In flip flops.  She and Andy are going to the driving range all by themselves one of these days so she can get some one-on-one lessons from him!

Drew loves golf almost as much as he loves baseball.

Andy and I went to Nashville with friends this past weekend while my mom stayed with our kids.  We had so much fun!  And the highlight of the trip was definitely having the good luck to be in the Full Moon when Shooter Jennings came in to play a few songs!

Unfortunately, Ryan got sick with a fever the day before we left.  Isn't it the middle of June?  Of course, our kids would get a fever in the middle of June!  The good news is Ryan was back to his adventurous self pretty quickly.


I had to pick Drew up early today because he had a fever.  He was pretty sick when he went to bed tonight so I am hoping he recovers as quickly as Ryan.  Now, will Kayley be spared this round or will she get it right after Drew gets better?!

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