Sunday, June 9, 2013

Milestones for Drew

The last week of May was a big week for Drew.  He had his last day of Kindergarten on Wednesday. 

I cannot believe how quickly his first year of school went!  He loved Kindergarten and is very excited to start First Grade.  I think he is also excited to be the big brother next year when Kayley starts Kindergarten.  He wastes no time telling her where Kindergartners sit on the bus compared to First Graders whenever she says she plans to sit with him!

A few days later, Andy took Drew's training wheels off of his bike.  He caught on really quickly and is very excited to be done with training wheels.  He has outgrown his bike and we told him we would get him a new one as soon as he learns to ride his old one without training wheels.  He wanted to try immediately!  The one thing we noticed is that he is a little nervous to use his brakes because he thinks he is going to fall.  So, he either tries to stop with his feet or runs right into things in order to stop.  Definitely need to work on that!

While Drew practiced without training wheels, Kayley "practiced" riding her new bike that she received for her birthday a little early from Uncle Matt.

Grandma came for Drew's last day of school because he couldn't start the summer program at our daycare until the next week.  The kids love having Grandma here to play with.  They kept her busy as always!

Andy had a golf tournament last week so Grandma and I took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.  This time, I swear, I am really never going back!  The kids had fun, but both Kayley and Ryan picked up a cold germ of some sort.  I thought we were "safe" because the kids just had the stomach flu, but no such luck!

We also celebrated Grandpa's 62nd birthday when he came to visit on June 5th! 

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