Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Year Old!!

This little guy turned 1 on June 6th and he is pretty excited about it!

I have tried to enjoy every minute of his first year.  I think we took having a baby for granted after getting pregnant so easily with Drew and Kayley.  Struggling for over a year to get pregnant and STAY pregnant put a lot of things in perspective for us.  I would love to say I never felt sorry for myself, but I definitely had my moments.  And now, we are so incredibly blessed to have Ryan that I feel a little guilty because I have too many friends that have struggled with infertility in some form or another and several of them are still struggling.  It is truly heartbreaking, but when it eventually works out, the baby you have is worth all of the struggles!

Ryan wasn't that interested in opening his presents so Drew and Kayley were more than happy to help him.

He definitely enjoyed his cake once he got going!



And when he was done, he was done!  Poor boy made himself a little sick with how much he ate.  I gave him a bath and he seemed tired so I put him right to bed.  He started crying about 15 minutes later, which is really unusual for him.  Andy was a little concerned that he may have thrown up so he went up to check on him.  He didn't throw up, but he did seem a little uncomfortable and WIDE AWAKE!  Ryan normally goes to bed between 7 and 7:30pm.  Andy brought him down and he played hard until 9:45pm when he finally started to act tired.  Guess he had quite the sugar rush! 

He slept in the next day and then got right to playing with his toys! 

The one thing we are struggling with right now is dropping the bottle.  We took the bottle from Drew and Kayley right at 1 year (1 year adjusted age for Kayley) without any problems.  Ryan has only started liking his bottle in the past few months, but now he loves it.  Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to like milk.  At all.  He throws the sippy cup off of the highchair tray whenever we give it to him.  I'm not sure what to do about this because this is something we aren't used to!  He has his 1 year check up on Tuesday so I'll definitely be asking the pediatrician for some advice.  As much as I didn't want to do it, we even offered him milk in his bottle, but he knew better and that made him even more mad than milk in the sippy cup.  He really wants his formula! 

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