Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ryan 3 Month Pictures

I finally took Ryan for his 3 month pictures on Friday.  I was determined to get it done before he turns 4 months old later this week!  He was in a great mood so it went pretty quickly.  Andy doesn't like the staged pictures in the basket and the suitcase with hat and I agree they are pretty corny, but I do love his smile in the basket picture! 

Drew had a flag football game yesterday morning.  He gets a little better with each game and received an award for best defensive player of the game (they give out a lot of awards throughout the season!), but I think he still prefers baseball.  All he wants to do on the weekends is play catch and hit balls.  He and Andy play catch with a tennis ball in the basement all the time.  This makes Drew think he can throw the ball anywhere in the house.  The other night when Andy and I were sitting at the kitchen table Drew was talking to us and had a tennis ball and glove in his hand and threw the ball at the wall between our upper cabinets and the counter.  There were several glasses that he just happened to miss.  I was stunned and Andy laughed.  We quickly informed Drew that we do not throw the ball in the house unless he is in the basement with Andy.  How did Andy's mom do it with 4 boys?! 

Yesterday afternoon I took Drew with me to Sam's Club and on the way in he asked what happens if you steal something and I told him you go to jail.  As we were walking out, he asked me very loudly and in front of a lot of people, "Mom, did you steal anything today?"  Everyone turned and looked at me and I am sure my face turned red.  I told him no, of course not, and started walking faster, which probably made me look guilty!  I am not sure what his sudden curiosity with stealing is, but it was not the best time (or store) to ask someone that!  When we got to the car I asked him why he asked me that and he said that I had told him you go to jail if you steal and he didn't want me to go to jail.  Ha! 

Andy went to Chicago early this morning for the Ryder Cup so the kids and I slept in and played outside most of the day.  Ryan has been a super baby...until this weekend!  He has been pretty crabby and not sleeping well all weekend starting Friday afternoon.  Maybe he just missed his Grandma.  We'll see if he is back to his normal self tomorrow. 


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