Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Drew's second week of Kindergarten was a huge success!  He is used to riding the bus, loves his teacher, loves recess (don't we all) and is starting to make friends.  He has a lunch friend, a recess friend and a tennis friend he plays with during the after school program.  He still misses his best buddy, Sam, but he gets to see him outside of school so that helps.  We have started working on reading and he is doing a great job and he really enjoys it.  I hope that continues, but I did notice when Andy put him to bed the other night he asked if they could play catch in his room rather than read!  And from what I could hear up there, they played catch. 

I took Drew and Kayley to Davenport last weekend to go swimming with Amelia.  Kayley came home with some new cowgirl boots that Amelia outgrew and gave to her.  And oh how Kayley loved them!  She wore them all day on Sunday and even wore them to preschool.

She even slept in them.  Apparently, she got up after I put her to bed and put them on.  She slept all night like this on Saturday:

I have been trying to get a good picture of all three kids together, but it hasn't been easy.  Drew asked if he could hold Ryan in the picture and I said yes.  And that was all it took to set Kayley off.  She wanted to hold him.  I don't think I even need captions.  The progression of pictures tells the story.

We spent Labor Day weekend in Iowa with my family and everyone had a great time.  Andy, Matt and I went golfing.  My first time out since last August!  It was fun, but I golfed like it had been a year.  Yikes!  The kids played with all of our old toys, helped Grandma in the garden, rode the golf cart, went for rides on the trailer behind the lawnmower, and got tons of candy at the Labor Day parade.

Look at me, I am FINALLY sleeping through the night!!

Yes, Kayley is in Ryan's car seat.

Kayley playing on our old horse.  She named the
horse, Ella Kella Wozella.  She has quite
the imagination!

Drew shot baskets until he made 20. 
It took awhile because he is still
pretty short, but he did it!

Kayley climbed up into a tire and struck a pose.

Waiting for candy.

Hands are full.

Kayley knows you have to wave to get some candy.

I had to take a picture of the Cat equipment!

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