Sunday, September 23, 2012

I don't know how this happened

Last night when I put Kayley to bed, she was in a great mood and not acting very tired.  She tends to get up several times (drink, potty, need another stuffed animal in bed, or any other excuse she can think of) right after you put her to bed before she settles in for the night and I thought last night would be no different since she didn't seem tired at all. 

After she had been upstairs for 10-15 minutes and we hadn't heard from her at all, I was kind of surprised when she yelled down to tell me I forgot to pick out her clothes for tomorrow.  During the week, we always pick out her clothes the night before so we don't have to fight with her about what she is wearing to preschool in the morning.  We don't typically pick out her clothes the night before on the weekend, but that seemed to be her excuse last night to not go to bed.  Andy told her she was going to wear a green shirt and he'd come up and get it later.  She said ok and got in bed.  Ten minutes later she yelled down again asking when he was going to go up and pick out her shirt.  He went up there and grabbed a shirt for her while she laid in bed with the covers up to her chin, which is funny in hindsight because she rarely sleeps with covers on.  He came back down to the living room.

My Mom took Drew up to bed right after that.  She peeked into Kayley's room and partially saw what Kayley had done because Kayley was no longer covered up.  Mom asked her what was on her arm and Kayley stood up with her arms outstretched and simply told Grandma, "I don't know how this happened."  Really, Kayley?!

Mom called down to Andy to see if he saw Kayley and he said no.  He went up there and Kayley also told him that she didn't know how it happened.  He asked her if she colored on herself and she said she accidently laid on a marker in her bed.  Nice try!  Yes, she colored ALL OVER HERSELF with a marker when she was supposed to be in bed.  This picture really doesn't do it justice.  Arms, hands, thighs, shins, tops of her feet, etc.  I think we need to search her every night before bed. 

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