Sunday, September 9, 2012

3 Months Old and Flag Football!

This little guy turned 3 months old this week!  Where does the time go?!

Ryan has turned into a very happy baby now that we appear to have his reflux under control.  His reflux started at about 4-5 weeks old.  Kayley also had reflux so we weren't shocked.  Ryan started out on Zantac, which was a joke.  It did nothing for him and he was pretty fussy and not a great sleeper during this time.  We thicken his formula and breastmilk now and his GI doctor put him on Prevacid.  He is much happier, sleeps much better and that makes life much easier and happier for the rest of us! 

At his 2 month check up during the beginning of August, he was 11 pounds 5 ounces.  He was 20th - 25th percentile across the board.  Pretty little guy considering he started out at 8 pounds!  But, in one month he moved up to the 50th percentile in weight and is 13 pounds 7 ounces.  I think he is 24 inches now too.  He went from 3 month clothes to 6 month clothes overnight it seemed.

Ryan loves to "talk" and his smiles melt my heart!  I love cuddling with newborns, but I really love when they start to interact with you!

This week also brought Drew's first flag football game.  Kindergarten seems a little young to start, but it is amazing how quickly the kids catch on.  Drew was his usual shy self when we got to the game and didn't really want to play.  In fact, we wondered if we would be going home without him going in at all because he just didn't want to be there.  It is frustrating as a parent because we knew he would love it once he got out there, but it is difficult to get him to make that first step sometimes.  Once he played a few downs, he had a great time.  He even scored a touchdown! 

Warming up before the game

First time in on defense

More defense

He was very proud to win Offensive
Player of the Game
Here is his touchdown run.  Excuse the screaming from me and Grandma!  We were a little excited!

Drew was so proud when he got home that he left his uniform on all day and wore his medal all day too!  He also wanted to play catch all afternoon yesterday.  Hopefully, getting him onto the field will be a little easier next weekend! 

Angela, Amelia and Mel came yesterday afternoon for a visit too.  Ang, Mel and I had a great time catching up and the kids had a great time playing with Amelia.  Amelia is getting ready to become a big sister and she is going to do great!  She loved holding Ryan and she even helped change his diaper, which is more than I can say for my kids.  They never want to "help" change diapers!

Ryan with Amelia and Kayley

Mel, Ryan and Kayley

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