Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time to Plant the Garden

This week flew by and I am always happy when the work week goes by quickly.  Of course, that usually means we are busy at work and at home, but it is still nice when Friday comes quickly. 

Andy picked the kids up after work on Thursday and when they got home the kids immediately started running around chasing each other.  They were laughing and having fun.  Andy and I were in the kitchen talking and we heard some screaming and crying.  This isn't a new sound at our house so we kept our conversation going.  Next thing we know, Kayley is sitting in her timeout chair (I call it hers because she is the one that is usually sitting in timeout) and Drew is coming towards us to tell on Kayley.  We ask what happened and he said that Kayley punched him.  We ask Kayley if she punched Drew.  She smirks.  Then we ask her why she was sitting in the timeout chair and she tells us that Drew put her in timeout.  We looked at each other and kind of smiled then looked at Drew and told him it looked like he had it handled.  Drew thought about it and smiled and agreed.  We asked when he was going to let her out of timeout and he said "not for awhile because it really hurt."  Kayley sat there for 5 minutes until Drew let her out of timeout.  They played together without incident the rest of the night.  If only it were that easy all of the time. 

We had a busy weekend.  Well, busy Saturday at least.  It started off with a birthday party for Drew's friend at Chuck E. Cheese at 9:30am.  I took him and had to leave at 11:15am to get to a baby shower for a co-worker so one of our friends took Drew home for me.  Then I took Kayley to a birthday party at Monkey Joe's.  They kids enjoyed their parties and the baby shower was beautiful so it was a good day.

The kids helped Andy plant the garden this afternoon.  They loved every minute of it.  I am not sure how much help they were to him, but they thought they really helped!  When I walked out to take a few pictures, Drew told me he was working really hard.  It appeared Kayley was working really hard at scooping dirt out of the garden box.  :-)

Getting ready to plant some vegetables

Kayley getting the dirt ready

Oops, got some in her eye

Planting lettuce seeds

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