Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

I started the weekend off with dinner on Friday night with two of my friends.  We went to Osaka, a hibachi bar.  Good times with good friends!  A third friend was supposed to join us, but she went into labor and had her beautiful baby girl earlier in the day so it ended up just being the three of us.  When I got in my car to go home I noticed I had a text message from Andy.  "Nemo died."  If you don't remember, Nemo is the fish Andy bought Kayley last October after she had her tonsils out.  We couldn't believe he lived this long.

When I got home, Kayley came running up to me and told me that Nemo died.  She was not upset at all.  She just said, "Nemo died, Mom.  We are going to flush him down the toliet."  At least she took it well??  She is already asking for her next fish.  Andy isn't so sure because he had to do everything for Nemo!

The rest of the weekend was pretty low key, which was exactly what we were looking for.  Andy's brother, Mitch, came for the weekend to help Andy with the basement.  The kids and I didn't see much of them Saturday or Sunday and they were able to get a lot done.  I know Andy was thankful for the help because he hasn't had as much time to work down there as we originally thought he would.  The kids got in the carpenter mode as well and decided they needed to fix some things around the house.

We also spent some time outside enjoying the nice weather.  The kids love the sprinkler and their little pool.  I really miss our pool in Phoenix this time of year, but the kids thought this was great.

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