Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

The kids spent the past week at my parents' farm and, from what I hear, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!  They helped pick up sticks in the yard and rocks in the fields.  They truly loved it too.  Mom and I decided it was best for her and Dad to enjoy the free help now because as the kids get older, they certainly won't think picking up sticks and rocks are fun things to do!  The kids also go to take turns riding with Grandpa in the tractor while he was planting.  And they spent a lot of time in Pirate's Bay - a huge blowup water toy my uncle bought for them.  Thank you, Milt!
I was afraid they would not want to come home, but they were very excited when they walked through the door this afternoon.  Drew immediately went outside to check on the garden.  I told Kayley she got some new clothes and shoes in the mail from her cousin Macie and she went upstairs immediately to look at all the fun, new shoes!  I think she tried on every pair and squealed with delight that each one was her favorite when she was trying them on.  :-)  She put on a pair of pajamas from Macie tonight after her bath and came strutting into the living room to show me.  She also had on one of the new pairs of shoes and said she was wearing them to bed, but I finally convinced her it is best to leave them downstairs. 

Drew has been playing with his tractor, wagon and combine since he got home.  Kayley remarked that she would like a tractor too.  I think that comment was brought out by the fact that Drew wasn't sharing with her. 

Mom told me this morning that the kids were really disappointed that they missed Andy's birthday because they thought they missed having birthday cake.  I laughed when she told me so I baked bought a cake today while Andy was meeting my parents to pick up the kids.  I surprised all three of them when they got home.  I think the next time we celebrate Andy's birthday, we need a few adults to help me sing.  It was mostly me singing with some help from Drew and a word or two from Kayley.  I had better keep my day job. 

Happy 34th!!!

Frosting only please

I think he likes it

Watching a little Jake and the Never Land
Pirates before their bath

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  1. Tell Kayley I cannot wait to see all those shoes! The cake looks yummy and the last pic makes me miss those two so much! We had a great time with them.