Sunday, April 29, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Kayley will be 4 in June.  She still sleeps in her crib as a toddler bed.  We figured it was time to get her a big girl bed.  She has been VERY excited for her big girl bed to come.  It came Friday night.  Andy bought the mattress on Saturday and she got to sleep in her new big girl bed last night.  She told me yesterday, "I am so proud I am a big girl and get a big girl bed."  Please don't tell her all of the other kids her age have been in big boy/girl beds for awhile now!  She has no idea and thinks now is the time to finally get in the big girl bed.  Heather, if you are reading this, I am about 90% sure Kayley has the same Target bedspread as Morgan Kate.  Kayley really wanted the all pink one!

Andy wanted me to remember when we were picking out her bedroom furniture that we only have one daughter.  Exactly, I thought.  He meant that we shouldn't spend a lot on it because we don't have another girl to pass it on to.  I look at it a little differently.  We only have one girl so lets get her some nice stuff!  We compromised. 

Andy did voice his concern with getting Kayley white furniture and I definitely understand his concern.  We are taking bets on when we first discover finger nail polish or markers or crayons on her new bedroom furniture.  I talked to her about how important it is that she be really careful and she seemed to get it...

We had parent/teacher conferences for the kids this week.  Drew's teacher said he is ready for kindergarten.  He is still a little on the shy side, but nothing like he used to be.  His teacher and I think the first few days of kindergarten will be rough on him because it will be a new routine, but once he gets used to the new routine, he should be just fine.  Drew's teacher said he is nice to the other kids and likes to help them learn.  He still tends to be a bit of a follower during play time so we will encourage him to be a little more independent. 

Drew is learning to write and spell words.  His teacher said he is doing great, but he needs to work on correctly using upper and lower case letters.  He tends to use both upper and lower case when he writes a word.  And he needs to learn to tie shoes.  That would be a parenting fail on our part.  We still buy him velcro.  It is just so much easier!

We were very happy to hear that Kayley is on track with other 3 year olds now.  She has definitely made some progress since the fall.  She needs to work on her letters and numbers, but is getting better each day.  Her teacher remarked that Kayley is really good with scissors now and showed me one of the shapes Kayley cut out.  Given her hair cutting incident (we bought the safety scissors she ended up cutting her hair with because she was struggling with cutting at preschool), I found this comment to be particularly ironic!  I guess all of her hard work paid off!

Kayley's teacher and I talked a little about whether to hold her back for kindergarten or send her in 2013.  If she had been born when she was due, she would not be able to go to kindergarten until 2014.  She is only eligible because of her early birth date.  Her teacher thought she was on track with the other 3 year olds and could go, but we will wait and see how she does in Pre-K next year.  Her teacher said that Kayley likes to be done with her projects as soon as possible so she can go play and Pre-K will be a little more structured next year so we will wait and see how she does with that.

I also asked about her behavior and her teacher said she is, and I quote, "an angel."  While I am very happy she is well behaved at school, we just don't believe it!  She must use all of her energy to listen and behave at school and then when she gets home, she has to let it go or something because the term "angel" NEVER comes to mind when I think about her behavior at home! 


  1. Don't you love that bedspread?!? Perfect for "big girls" who want pink. Love it!

    I am laughing out loud at her teacher saying she was an "angel" and you saying that you don't necessarily see that at home. Ha! We are right there with you. People comment about how well behaved MK is and we just laugh to ourselves. I'm thankful they behave for others, but it sure would be nice if they behaved for us once in a while. :)

  2. Love the bedroom furniture. Cannot wait to see it. And yes, Kayley is "an angel". I didn't think of you as very angelic at the age...but then, voila'! It will happen for you, too!