Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On the Road Again

We had so much fun at Okoboji a few weeks ago that we decided to go back for Labor Day weekend!  The kids and I left Thursday night for Mom and Dad's.  Andy had a lot of things to get done around here so it was just me and the kids.  I wish Andy could have gone with us, but I put on DVDs for the kids and had full control of XM radio.  It was wonderful!  I listened to all of my favorite songs over and over and Andy wasn't there to get annoyed with me or switch it to baseball!

We left for Okoboji Friday morning and all rode in the Tahoe.  I told Dad I needed to get gas on the way and he said we should try to make it to Pocahontas because it is about halfway.  We looked at the fuel gauge and decided we had enough gas to make it to Pocahontas.  You probably know where this story is going.  I kept checking the fuel gauge and the mileage to Pocahontas and we always had about a 10 mile cushion.  Not a huge amount, but we should have been fine.  We were about 1.5 miles to 2 miles south of Pocahontas and I felt the cruise go off.  The conversation went a little something like this:

Me:  "Ummm, I think we just ran out of gas."
Dad:  "Really?  Well, don't hit the brake.  Put it in neutral and lets see how far we can make it."
Mom:  "WHAT?!?!  Good thing I have AAA.  I can't believe you ran out of gas!"
Me:  "I don't have any power steering either."
Kayley:  "Mom, look at the cow out my window."
Mom (looking through purse for AAA card):  "No power steering?!  Oh no!  You need to pull over." 
Dad:  "You lose power steering when you run out of gas.  Just keep going and don't hit the brake."
Drew:  "Mom, what happened?  Why did you run out of gas?  Why are we going slow?  Mom, did you run out of gas?  Why did you run out of gas?  Are we going to stop?"
Me:  "I think I should put my hazard lights on since we are going so slow now."
Dad:  "Yeah, that is probably a good idea."
Me:  "We are going to get pretty close."
Dad:  "Don't hit the brake."
Mom:  "I think we are going to make it!"
Drew:   "Mom, did we run out of gas?  Why did we run out of gas?  Are we going to walk?"
Me:  Wow, we are going to get really close."
Dad (as we are coming up to Casey's in Pocahontas):  "Don't hit the brake."
Me:  "I have to!  This is really hard to turn." 
Kayley:   "Can I have a snack?"
Mom:  "Don't hit that truck!"  (Truck was trying to turn out of Casey's).
Me:  "This is really hard to turn without power steering."
Me (as we are rolling up to the pump):  "I can't believe it."
Drew:  "Mom, did we run out of gas?  Why don't we have any gas?"
Kayley:  "MOM!!! CAN I HAVE A SNACK?!"

In my defense, there is something wrong with the fuel gauge!  I should have had 10 more miles!  Of course, we only laugh about it now because none of us had to get out and push or walk to the gas station (AAA would have taken awhile!).  It is ironic that I ran out of gas because one of my biggest pet peeves with Andy is when he drives on low fuel.  I get so annoyed with that.  Yes, I have heard plenty from him since this about how he has never run out of gas. 

Once we got to Okoboji, we unpacked all of our stuff and enjoyed the next few days.  The weather was a little cool for swimming, but Kayley and I still managed to spend some time on the waverunner.  The kids spent a lot of time at Arnold's Park, mini golfing and "fishing" off the dock.

We went back to Mom and Dad's Sunday night and went to the Labor Day parade in Dayton on Monday morning.  We told the kids they would get more candy if they waved.  They waved.  And they got a lot of candy!  Drew refused to pick up some of the candy that he didn't like.  I finally talked him into just picking it up and putting it in Kayley's bag.  He is so picky!

They still love the roller coaster
Couldn't get him to ride in a color other than blue

Drew reeling in his "fish"

Look at my big fish, Mom!

Ready to golf

I made it!!!!!

Right before she threw her ball in the water behind her

Drew refused to take a picture with Kayley

Waving to the vehicles in the beginning of the
parade...still 5 blocks away!

Can't leave a tootsie roll on the street!

Running back to his spot

Kayley holding Sarah's dog, Louie.


  1. Love the pictures! So, so cute! looks like you guys had a great time. I love just getting in the car and listening to whatever I want to listen to. It's the little things! The gas story literally made me laugh out loud. That would seriously happen to me!

  2. Oh, and I love the pictures of Drew and Kayley getting ready for school. Precious!! My favorite is Kayley getting ready for gymnastics. When did our kiddos get so big?!?!