Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fight! Fight! Fight! for IOWA!!

Andy and I met his family in Iowa City last weekend for the Iowa/Pittsburgh game.  What a great weekend! 

Before we left for Iowa City, we took Kayley to her pre-op appointments.  She was great during her physical.  Then we had to go to the hospital for bloodwork.  I tried to explain that they were going to poke her arm and take a little blood, but she didn't understand.  She told me no they wouldn't because she doesn't have any blood!  She did great while they took her blood.  She screamed, but didn't move her arm.  However, she was VERY dramatic afterwards.  There was a lot of crying as we walked out of the hospital and screaming that her arm hurt.  The kids have been in Iowa with my parents for a week and Mom said Kayley has insisted on wearing a bandaid at all times because of her hurt arm.  And she has complained that she can't do certain things (like pick up her toys I am sure) because her arm hurts so bad.  If she has her way, she is going to have us waiting on her for months after this surgery!   

After Kayley's bloodwork, Andy and I left for Iowa City.  Thank you again to Mom for coming to watch the kids and take care of Sox!  We went to the Wig and Pen when we got to Iowa City.  Oh how I have missed that place! 

We got up bright and early and were tailgating by 7:30am.  The game was awful for 3 quarters, but the 4th quarter more than made up for it!  Thankfully, we didn't leave even though we considered it.  After the game, Andy showed us why he was an all state kicker by kicking field goals with honey buns.  It was one of those things you had to be there to fully appreciate.  :-)  We hit another favorite place Saturday night - the Vine.  Great weekend!

Paul (a Thiel at heart), Butch, Chris,
Andy, Mitch and Matt

The Thiel boys and girls

Brotherly love?

All I can say is, it was late.


  1. Looks like a weekend of FUN! Too bad our teams don't play each other...we could tailgate together!! Ha!

  2. You are missing one of the Thiel girls! :(

    So so sad I couldn't be there!!