Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sox - Two Partial ACL Tears

Sox had a rough week.  That is an understatement.  She was excited to see Andy and she jumped off the deck towards him and immediately pulled up in pain.  Andy took her to the vet and they decided they needed to do an x-ray to see if she tore her ACL.  If it was a complete tear, they would do surgery while she was already under for the x-ray.  If it was a partial tear, they would not need to do surgery, but she would be on very restricted activity for awhile to allow the ACL to heal on its own. 

A little back story - Sox had been limping and having trouble walking and jumping up into the car for awhile and we thought she was having hip issues or arthritis, etc.  Neither are good.

The vet x-rayed both of her hind legs and her hips.  Andy called me at work, sounding upbeat, and said he had good news and bad news.  I immediately thought it was a partial tear, but no surgery.  Considering our alternatives (partial or complete tear), this was good news!  Turns out, she had a partial ACL tear in both of her hind legs.  Because she had two, they needed to perform surgery on one to fix it and then the other could heal on its own while she was on restricted activity.  I had to ask what the good news was and he said it was that her hips look good and there were no signs of arthritis.  Sox had her surgery on Thursday and came home on Friday.  Hindsight is always 20/20 and I am thinking now that pet insurance may have been worth looking into!

Sox has to spend most of her days for the next two weeks in her kennel.  She is not loving it.  When she is out of her kennel, she has to be on a leash.  She has a long road ahead of her, but hopefully we can get her all healed.  We usually only panic when Kayley is running.  I will be a wreck when Sox starts running again!


  1. That poor dog and her poor masters! I feel badly for all of you!

  2. Poor Sox! I feel your pain, Porter has had a partial ACL tears in both of her back legs too, thankfully at different times and they didn't require surgery. I can only imagine restricting their activity! That is one reason we decided back then not to do the surgery. That and the joke that pet insurance isn't a bad idea. Porter has been way more expensive than Gabryel! HA! Hope Sox heals quickly!

  3. Sox is beautiful!!! Feel so sorry for her!