Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reier's Bix Party Pre-Party

Because of a little mix-up, we had to miss Tim and Angela's Bix Party on Saturday night.  I was bummed so the kids and I drove to their house on Friday night after work for dinner and a pre-party playdate with Amelia and Ang.  Ang is one of my best friends from law school and she and Tim only live 1 hour and 20 minutes away (one of the good things about moving back to the Midwest!) so it was an easy trip to make Friday night.

I told Ang that I would come and help her get ready for the party and the kids could entertain Amelia.  Did I help her get ready?  Not really.  We did figure out the best place for the inflatable waterslide and got that up and going.  The waterslide was a huge hit with our kids.  Other than when they ate dinner, the kids spent the entire time playing on it.  And instead of getting ready for the party, Ang and I sat in lawn chairs and talked while we watched the kids.  One of us is a bad influence on the other...I was ready to work!  :-)

I am sure the party was a huge hit because she is the best hostess I have ever seen.  I'm sad we had to miss it, but we had fun at our little pre-party!  When we were packing things up on Saturday morning for our trip to Chicago, Kayley asked if we were going back to Amelia and Angela's house to play.  I told her no and that we were going to Chicago.  She burst into tears and screamed, "I don't want to go to Chicago!  I want to go to Amelia and Angela's house!"  On the bright side, she had a good time the night before with Amelia!

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