Monday, July 18, 2011

Kommes Family Golf Outing

This weekend was the annual Kommes Golf Outing in Le Mars.  This is Andy's Mom's side of the family.  We left Thursday night for Mitch's house in Omaha.  We like to drive at night so the kids can sleep most of the way.  They were very excited for the weekend and didn't fall asleep until after 10pm so it didn't work quite as good as it has in the past! 

On Friday morning we went shopping for new golf clubs for me.  After 16 years with my clubs, we decided now is the time.  Unfortunately, Kayley was not so cooperative and Andy had to take her out of the store kicking and screaming.  Because we had to leave before we could buy anything, she ended up saving us a lot of money! 

We drove up to Le Mars on Friday afternoon and went to see Andy's uncle.  His assisted living facility has a soft serve ice cream machine so the kids are always excited to go visit.  The kids ate their ice cream and then started getting a little wound up (perhaps from the sugar).  Kayley had to be taken out to the car again.  She was having a rough day!  We'll just blame it on too much time in the car. 

Friday night, we met Mitch, Matt and JD in Merrill for mexican food.  Luckily, Kayley's mood had improved!

I watched Drew, Kayley and JD on Saturday while the boys golfed with the rest of their family.  It was HOT so we decided to play in the sprinkler and with the garden hose. 

Video of JD showing Kayley he is bigger and stronger: 

Drew's turn:

Who hasn't taken a drink from the garden hose at some point in their life?  Drew and Kayley quickly took their turn after this.

Then we headed to the golf course so the kids could practice at a real course. 

Naps taken and on our way to the course!

Good form!

Our lefty

Yep, that is her backswing!
Mitch tending to Drew's blister

She looks the part!

They are supposed to be retrieving the balls the kids hit
Saturday night we went to Andy's aunt and uncle's farm for dinner.  Here is a video of JD and Matt in the water balloon toss.  They had a very strong water balloon!

Overall, it was a great weekend!  For some reason, the drive home on Sunday seemed a little longer than it usually does, but I guess we were just tired from the weekend.  :-)

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