Monday, September 1, 2008

Now Where Do You Suppose(itory) You're Going To Put That?!?

Well, tomorrow could be the day! The doctor was satisfied with Kayley's milk intake yesterday and she continues to gain weight. He said that if she has another day today like she had yesterday, he would discharge her tomorrow. I believe he is still here tonight so I'm going to track him down to see if he can give us a definite answer. We would like to know as soon as possible so we can get ourselves prepared tomorrow. The news may come in a post later tonight.

Kayley struggled at the beginning of the day with her eating. Who can blame her though? She's gone 5 days without pooping. The nurse struggled to get Kayley to take 60 cc's at 5 am. Then, Megan was in at 8 am and struggled to get her to take 50 cc's. Kayley was visibly uncomfortable. So, the request was made to the doctor to give her a suppository and he granted it. The first one didn't work so they gave Kayley a second. It was a "successful chip" as they say in the nursing business. Kayley looked so much more comfortable and it showed in her feedings the rest of the day.

Kayley took 70, 80, 75, and 90 cc's at 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm, and 8 pm, respectively. From my experience and from what Megan said, Kayley ate so much better. She started out well like she normally does but then she kept going. She didn't start to squirm or spit the nipple out like she did all the previous times. She finally has room in her tummy.

Given that Kayley pooped today, we were not expecting much from her weigh in. She had so much built up that she released that we were sure she'd drop some. But, she actually went up 5 grams. She is now 3595 cc's (still 7 lbs 14 oz). That's not a big gain but I'm counting it as one given the circumstances. Any gain at all is tremendous.

**I'm just adding an update to the post. I spoke to the doctor and he is waiting to make his decision about discharging Kayley until tomorrow morning. He wants to make sure she continues to eat well through the night. So, we'll know tomorrow morning whether or not Kayley is going home. I have a feeling she will be. She just took another 78-ish cc's from me. I'm sure I'll add a new post tomorrow morning after we find out.

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