Monday, September 8, 2008

Can You Guys Be Quiet?!

Well, the updates we have for Kayley are less and less. Therefore, I don't think I'll have a post every night. It will probably be every other night or around 3 times a week.

Kayley is doing great. Yesterday, she even had a bowel movement for us. That seemed to relax her a little bit. Today, Kayley sounded stuffed up to me so I decided to clean out her nose. Drew hated the bulb syringe when we used it on him in the past, so we bought a battery operated nose suction-er a while back. It worked very well. I got some good crap out of her nose and she didn't cry a bit.

Kayley has been feeding well. She's averaging around 70 cc's per feeding give or take a couple cc's. She's still eating every 3 hours even during the night. I stay up and feed her the 11 pm and 2 am feedings with a little nap in between. Megan gets up at 2 am to pump and then again at 5 am to feed Kayley. It's been working pretty well so far but I'm going back to work this week so we'll see how it goes.

Other than that, Kayley is learning to sleep through all the noise. Whether it's banging on the fireplace, running his toys across the floor, throwing his ball against her bed, or just plain screaming, Drew is loud. And most of the time, Kayley doesn't even wake up. Thankfully we're getting closer to the end of the summer and better temperatures so Drew can go outside more. Until then, Kayley will just be putting up with it (see the picture).

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