Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We got news this morning that Kayley is being release from the hospital! They are processing her paperwork now. We are preparing things at home and then we'll be on our way to pick her up. More details later...


  1. AMEN! I've enjoyed reading your entries but none more than this one. What a blessing that your little girl will finally be able to go home. We can't wait to meet her - when she is ready of course!

    Good job Kayley!!!

    All the best!!!
    Heather, Brett Johnson & "the boys"

  2. Yipee! We are so excited for you guys and are so thankful for this answer to prayer. We hope all goes well for you and her new transition. Keep us updated!

    Marla jr. and family

  3. Yippy!! We are so excited Kayley is coming home. Can't wait to hear about how she is doing once she gets to be home her family.

    Hope all goes well with this GREAT transition!


    Aubrey and Nate

  4. I'm completely overjoyed after reading this update tonight. I hope you are enjoying being home as a family of Four!!

    What a miracle baby girl you have.

  5. Megan. Andy, and Drew,

    Matt and I have been reading your blog daily. Congrats on the great news! You have been blessed.

    Megan, Matt, Drew, and Ali Bainter

  6. I just let out a big scream!! Fantastic news. I am
    so happy that you finally have that girl home where
    she belongs. Have fun and keep up the blog with
    lots of pictures. Congratulations to all, Mom, Dad,
    Drew, Granny and Grampa! XXOO Cyndy

  7. I was sad to see Kayley gone when I came in but glad to see she went home! Come by to visit or send us pics -- we love to see our "graduates" later. Enjoy you sweet girl and thanks for the cookies.