Sunday, May 1, 2016

Spring Sports

It has been a chilly start to Drew and Kayley's spring sports season.  Drew has had two games where the temperature was 40 and the "feels like" temperature on my weather app was 35 and 38.  NOT my idea of a fun baseball game!  But, I could put on layers and wrap up in a blanket.  The poor boys were freezing out there.  We are starting to turn a corner with the weather, but I'd like to turn it a little quicker than we are.

Drew is playing travel baseball again this year.  They have already had 8 games and 2 games cancelled due to rain.  It is his first year of kid pitch and it is definitely an adjustment for the boys, but they are doing well.  Drew is pitching and playing short stop and center field so far this year.  He loves pitching.  I didn't realize how stressful it is as the parent of a pitcher!

Kayley is in the middle of her soccer season and loving it.  She is a totally different player this year.  She acts like she wants to be out there and is trying really hard.  It is nice to see some competitiveness from her!  She always wanted to be on the team, but it was pretty clear all she was interested in was the participation trophy or medal at the end of the season.  This season she clearly wants to play and it makes going to her games much more enjoyable.

Kayley also started softball last week.  This is her first year of coach pitch.  She was pretty shy when she showed up for her first day of practice, but got into the swing of things quickly.  I'm excited to see how her season goes.

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