Thursday, May 26, 2016

School's Out for Summer!

We have two very happy kids and one not so happy kid now that Drew and Kayley are out of school for the summer.  Drew and Kayley are loving staying up late and being at home with their babysitter every day.  Ryan is not quite understanding why he is still going to school.  :-)  And that makes getting him up and out the door on time a tougher task.  I spend way too long getting him going in the morning and answering a hundred questions about why Kayley and Drew are still sleeping or why they are playing in the basement or why they are in their PJs or why Ms. Jessica is here with them or why they aren't getting on the bus.  I don't feel too bad for Ryan though - he loves his school.  Once he gets there!

Last day of 2nd and 3rd grade!

We have been busy with swimming, soccer, softball and baseball.  And a birthday thrown in there.  And Drew got his first round of stitches so that was fun.

The day we were all finally feeling better from the stomach flu, Drew was riding bikes with his friend when he fell and cut his leg on the bike pedal.  Andy and I debated for about 30 minutes on whether he needed to be seen for stitches.  I eventually took him and he ended up getting 3 stitches.

Patiently waiting for the numbing
agent to take effect.

Luckily, stitches didn't slow Drew down from baseball.  He pitched the next night and had his best game of the year.  He had a tournament this past weekend and they took 4th place.  Drew pitches and plays short stop, third base and center field.  He still likes pitching the most and I am a nervous wreck when he pitches.  He does well, but I am so nervous for him!

Drew has had baseball games every Saturday during swimming lessons so Kayley and Ryan have been going without him.  Ryan LOVES swimming.  That kid jumps out of bed really early and gets his swim trunks on and just waits to go to swimming lessons every Saturday morning.  I wish he would be even half that energetic on a school day!

Kayley had her final soccer games last week.  They got beat pretty soundly in the last game, but Kayley didn't care - she was SO excited to get her participation medal!  She is definitely a millennial!  :-)

After one of Drew's games last week, we celebrated Andy's birthday.  Nobody was more excited than Ryan.  That kid loves cake!

Kayley had her first softball game this week.  I was a little worried when got to the game and she was sound asleep.

Her team lost, but they had fun.  Kayley is very proud that she is batting 1000 so far this season.  Well, maybe one of her "hits" was actually a fielding error, but she doesn't understand that at this age!

When we do find some down time at home, this is where you might find Ryan:

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