Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mother's Day to Remember

Mother's Day 2016 will be one I won't soon forget.  The day started off well with the kids giving me homemade cards, gifts they made at school and a new purse.  They treated me to a fabulous lunch at the Pour House (ok, Andy's dad was visiting for two weeks and wanted to do a little gambling).  Drew and I played baseball for a couple of hours while Andy put together Ryan's new sandbox.  Kayley joined us for some hitting practice as well.  When Ryan woke up from his nap, he went straight to the sandbox where he stayed until dinner.  

Sometime in the afternoon, Kayley complained that her stomach hurt.  And so it began.  The week from hell and I am not exaggerating.  Our house became the house of horrors as the stomach flu made its way through the house.  Kayley on Sunday, Ryan and me on Tuesday, Drew on Wednesday and Andy on Thursday night.  And, for the most part, it wasn't a quick 24 hour bug either.  There was a lot of overlap of sick people in this house.  My kids have never had the stomach flu that bad.  I'll spare you the fun details.  One interesting thing is that Ryan might be the happiest sick kid I have ever met.  He would throw up and then smile and continue on playing when it was over.  

Andy ended up taking his dad home a day early to try to avoid it.  Luckily, it appears he did.  I spent a good portion of today cleaning and our laundry hasn't stopped since last Sunday!  Looking forward to a less eventful Father's Day!

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