Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tackle Football has Begun

After three years of flag football, Drew started tackle football this year.  Yikes!  He seems way too young for tackle football in my opinion!  He seems to really enjoy it, but he does tell me baseball is still his favorite sport.  Andy is one of his coaches so I haven't been to a practice to see the kids in their pads.  They had a scrimmage on Saturday so Kayley, Ryan and I finally got to see him in action.  

I could lie and tell you which one Drew is in the pictures below, but I actually have no idea other to say he was in a maroon jersey.  I was able to pick him out a few times because of the way he walked back to the line or I heard a coach yell his name to tell him good job (or maybe one time when they yelled his name because he messed up...just one of those though!).  I can tell you for sure that Andy is the coach on the left in the first picture.  :-)  

To be honest, it was kind of nice to watch them in their practice jerseys without their numbers because I never had to see my kid get tackled.  Well, I never had to know it was my kid getting tackled.  I will be a nervous wreck when I see #22 running around out there in a few weeks and knowing that is my kid!  I think I like baseball better too...

After the scrimmage, we took the kids to Dunlap Days (think small town carnival), which was located conveniently right next to the football field.  Ryan was in heaven.  Kayley loved it too and went on all the rides with Ryan.  Drew appears to be stuck between being a big kid that is too cool for the rides and still being little enough that he actually likes the rides.  He didn't ride much, but I think he secretly wanted to!  

Andy went golfing this morning so the kids and I decided to go to the school playground for awhile.  Drew and Kayley rode their bike and I took Ryan in the jogging stroller.  It is about 1.5 miles to the school.  The kids now want to ride their bikes to school tomorrow...

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