Sunday, August 16, 2015

We moved!!!

After 7+ long months, we moved into our new house on August 3rd.  We broke ground on December 20th.  It has been a long process.  Parts of it have been really fun, parts of it have not been fun at all, but we are done!  And so happy to be in our house.  Once I get it organized, I'll post a few pictures.

Ryan has been my little helper with all of the cleaning.  He wants to use the mop and the dust buster ALL THE TIME.  It is cute, but not all that helpful!  I'll enjoy this phase while it lasts because my experience with Drew and Kayley is that it doesn't last long!

It feels like we have been going nonstop since we moved in, but we took a break from all of the unpacking to go camping.  Kind of.  Backyard camping.  Last Friday, Ryan, Kayley and I went to my friend Jamie's house while Drew and Andy were at football practice.  We set up two tents in about 10 minutes (way easier than we thought it was going to be!).  Andy brought Drew over once football was done and took Ryan home.  We grilled.  The kids watched a movie outside using a projector against Jamie's shed.  We did s'mores too.  The kids loved it!  I remember camping all the time as a little kids so I am glad I was able to give my kids a little bit of a camping experience.  However, I will never camp with just a sleeping bag again.  Definitely need an air mattress or some major padding!

A little indoor play while we got the movie ready

The kids' daycare was closed Thursday and Friday so the teachers could get ready for the new classes.  Mom and Dad offered to come watch the kids those days.  The kids have enjoyed some spoiling by Grandma and Grandpa.  And I've enjoyed Mom's help around the house!

Ryan thoroughly entertained at the restaurant.
Don't judge - you do whatever it takes sometimes.

Andy and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary this weekend too.  We've been together for 16 years too.  Crazy how fast time flies!  This may have been our most hectic year yet and we wouldn't have it any other way!

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