Sunday, September 13, 2015


We took our annual trip to Lake Okoboji last weekend.  As always, it was a great weekend!  We drove over on Friday and arrived around 4:30pm.  It took a little longer than it should because we had to stop in Cedar Falls to have lunch at Pepper's and pick up some UNI gear at Scheels.  :-)

Matt and Dad arrived a couple of hours after us.  Butch, Mitch and Sox arrived Saturday morning.  The kids (especially Ryan) have been in HEAVEN since they have been reunited with Sox.  I think Andy is pretty happy too!

The weekend was spent between swimming and Arnold's Park.  Matt and Dad went fishing and we also went up to the Emporium a few times.  Very relaxing and much needed weekend for all of us.

We still don't have grass or our yard even graded yet so we spend a lot of time riding bikes and scooters during the week when Drew and Andy are at football.  Ryan got this Y bike (balance bike) for his birthday and hasn't done much on it until his week.  He literally went from barely moving on it to do this in one day.  I guess he just got the hang of it.  Kayley wanted to show off her skills too.  ;-)

This weekend was all about football.  The JFL players were announced at the high school game on Friday night.

Andy,  Drew and the other players
 getting ready to be announced

Drew's first football game was Saturday afternoon.  His team played great and they had no problem beating the other team.  Drew played outside linebacker most of the game and did really well.  He is our most timid child so I haven't been too sure how he would do with the physical contact of tackle football, but he has no problem doing the tackling.  They move the kids around a lot so here is a clip of him at running back.  He is #22.  I didn't get the video started until after he had the ball so it is a short video.

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