Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom!  She does so much for our family.  ANY time we need an extra hand to watch the kids or help us with our latest adventure, she is ALWAYS willing to come.  THANK YOU, MOM!  We can never fully thank you for everything you do for us, but please know how grateful we are!  We love you!

I got to sleep in today for Mother's Day.  It was HEAVEN!!!  We had a lazy Sunday and that is unusual, which made it really nice!  The kids gave me cards, flowers and gifts they made at school.  I loved everything.  Here is Kayley's card:

She knows me so well!  Cooking and driving are definitely my strengths!  LOL!  I just love these kinds of cards because you really find out what your kids think of you.  Who knew I was smart because I know how to make chocolate chip pancakes?! 

I chose a Japanese hibachi dinner for Mother's Day.  Drew and Ryan opted out and ate before we left for the restaurant.

I talked Drew and Ryan into dressing up for me for dinner so I could get a picture with the kids.  Ryan said he was excited.  Drew was less than excited, but complied!

Ryan was not a fan of the fire at the table!  

Kayley and I were the only ones that enjoyed dinner.  Drew enjoyed watching the show, but refused to eat.  Andy doesn't like hibachi either, but was a trooper and ordered some steak anyway.  Next time, Kayley and I will have a girls day and end it at Osaka by ourselves!

Drew's baseball games were cancelled yesterday so we only had Kayley's soccer game.  I only got one good picture of her in action.  She did have t-ball practice earlier in the week and I got a little video of her during batting practice.

We had another big event this week - Drew got braces!!  Long story, but he has a couple of issues that necessitated braces a little early.  They are only on the top teeth and he will have them for 9-12 months.  Then they will be off for about 3 years and then he will have them on top and bottom for a little under 2 years.  He is doing great with them so far.  Unfortunately, the second weekend of June, he will need to get a tongue guard put in, which will be visible.  I am glad it will be summer because it will be hard for him to talk for a little while!  Poor kid!  He got some unfortunate genes from me!  


  1. Enjoyed this post! I love that the boys got "dressed up" for you on your day. Wait to go again to Osaka when I am there to go with you and Kayley. I like it, too! :-) I love seeing pictures of my grandchildren. Thanks!

  2. Drew looks so much older with braces. Wow!! I would love to tag along for girls day too! Sounds like a great Mother's Day! :) Kim