Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Birthday and a Black Eye

Kayley had her last soccer game last weekend.  It was a cold and rainy soccer season so I would be lying if I said I was sad it was over.  If I am being honest, soccer isn't very fun for me to watch so that makes the games and practices that are cold even harder to sit through!  Kayley was very proud to receive her medal at the end of season - a participation medal.  She is the ultimate millennial!

Drew had a baseball tournament last weekend so we spent a lot of time at the ball field.  He took a ball the left eye during warm-ups, but didn't seem bothered by it.  Drew mostly plays 3rd base (picture below), but he plays in the outfield occasionally and played 1st base for one game in the tournament. 

After Drew's games on Saturday, we spent time outside because the weather was so nice.  Ryan and I took a walk after his nap and he was a happy guy.

Sunday was Andy's birthday so we celebrated after Drew's game.  While Ryan took his nap, Andy took Drew and Kayley to the field to practice hitting and fielding.  Drew lost a ball in the sun when Andy was hitting him pop flies.  Unfortunately, it hit him in the right eye without any part of the ball touching his glove.  OUCH!  Poor kid was in rough shape Sunday night.  The picture below was right after it happened.  Notice the little black eye under the left eye too from Saturday (anyone else think I need to get his eyes checked - maybe he needs glasses)!  His right eye swelled up even more later in the evening.  It was almost swollen shut, but he wouldn't let me take anymore pictures!  

The kids were excited to get Andy a White Sox cake for his birthday.  The kids were only interested in eating the frosting.  Next time I should just buy each kid a container of frosting and call it good!  

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