Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend - Chicago

We made a somewhat last minute decision to go to Chicago for Memorial Day weekend.  Drew had a double header on Saturday so we decided to go up on Sunday for a quick overnight trip.

Drew's team lost the first game, but won the second game.  Drew played well and hit well on Saturday so it was a good day at the field.  For everyone except me.  I decided to get a little sun and didn't put any sunscreen on.  Bad idea.  Each time I do that it ends badly for me.  You would think I would learn!  Ugh.  Good thing I always have aloe on hand.  Don't worry, I am not as irresponsible with my children - they had lots of sunscreen on!

We left for Chicago Sunday morning.  We dropped Andy and Drew off at the White Sox game and then Ryan, Kayley and I headed to the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Ryan was so excited to go to the zoo.  He kept saying, "We go to the zoo today?" and then I would say yes and he would say, "I'm excited!!!"  It was pretty cute.  The Lincoln Park Zoo was the perfect size for Ryan and Kayley.  They got to see a lot of animals, but it only took a few hours to get through.  

They each got one souvenir.  Kayley picked a stuffed animal of course (a pink and black jaguar) and Ryan picked a tractor.  Yep, a tractor.  Right when we walked into the shop, he said he wanted a tractor.  I just laughed because no way they would have a tractor.  Well, they proved me wrong.  They had a tractor.  And it was cheap!  We were both happy!

First stop - farm animals

After petting goats, Ryan saw the jaguar and
said, "I need to go in there and pet him!"
Uh, no you aren't.

This one wasn't too sure about
riding the carousel at first.

This one loved it!

Pointing out the ape

One last picture before we left

Drew and Andy had fun at the game even though the White Sox lost.  Drew finally got his first game ball so he was excited to show that off when they got back to the hotel.  Unfortunately, they had to walk from the Metra station back to the hotel in the rain.  They got soaked, including their shoes.  The only shoes they had too.  Thankfully, Drew was a good sport about it.

Great seats!

We took the train to Ed Debevic's for dinner.  It was a cute place and the kids had fun with the balloon hats they were given. The service was really slow though so it made for a long evening for Ryan.  We walked along the river on our way back to the hotel.  Ryan got his second wind and had fun running after his brother and sister.

Ryan loved the train!  (Don't mind the
Minnie Mouse stroller - we had
to borrow it from a friend.  Ryan thought
it was great!)

Kayley got a hat with a flower

Not sure what this is and Ryan wasn't a fan

Drew got White Sox colors

Drew decided to wear Ryan's too

Watching the boats


On Monday morning, we took the train to the Willis Tower.  Andy has taken Drew and Ryan in the past, but Kayley hasn't ever been there so we decided to go again so she could see it.  She was more interested in using her money to buy a souvenir than looking out at the view!  She happily settled on a small key chain (why?  I have no idea, but she put it on her backpack) and then we got in line to wait for the ledge view.

Ryan and Kayley on the ledge.  Ryan was
not a happy camper after standing in line
for quite awhile to get our turn.

Ryan still not happy

Kayley wasn't scared at all!

After the Willis Tower, we got our car and headed home.  We packed a lot in to a short trip, but it was a lot of fun!    

When we got home, I took Ryan over to the mall to do a little shopping for Kayley's birthday.  We stopped at the Caterpillar playground on our way home.  Ryan was in heaven!

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