Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Andy scored big points with me this week.  Did he give me an expensive piece of jewelry?  No.  Did he surprise me with a romantic getaway?  No.  Romantic dinner?  No.  Flowers?  No.  He did something better (well, better than dinner or flowers anyway):

Confused?  Andy took on the task of helping Drew and Kayley decorate their Valentine's Day boxes for school.  Drew's class was specifically told to do something more than just decorate a box.  Be creative they were told.  And have fun.  Really?  Therein lies the problem for me.  I am NOT creative and I do NOT enjoy crafts.  At all.  Andy knows this and took on the project with the kids.  Kayley was not told she had to make her box into something so she was very content just putting stars all over her box.  Drew created the University of Phoenix Stadium (Arizona Cardinals).  Both kids loved their boxes and I didn't have to have any part of it so I was happy too!  Thanks, Andy!!

Mom flew in on Friday and landed right as our latest snowstorm was ending.  Winter isn't dead as I was wishing.  In fact, it is back again tomorrow with more snow.  As I am typing this, the news is on and they just reported that we have had 43.9 inches of snow this year.  Last year we had 4.5 inches.  Ugh.  Mom is being a trooper though!

We went to Drew's basketball game on Saturday.  He played probably his best game yet so it was a good one for Grandma to see.

The kids have been keeping Grandma busy as always.  Poor lady doesn't get a minute to herself when she is here!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Die Winter...Die!

We got more snow this week so the kids had another snow day on Wednesday. This picture has been on Facebook a lot recently and it is exactly how I feel!

I will be in San Diego for 6 days at the end of February for work and I cannot wait to get out of here for awhile!  On the bright side, the kids absolutely love the snow and are outside sledding as I type this.  At least someone is having fun.

The kids visit the school library once a week and check out one book.  This is the book Kayley picked this week:

So much for bedtime reading!  She found a recipe for Princess Pink Popcorn that she wanted to try so we made it on Wednesday evening.

It was pretty, but it tasted horrible.  Kayley even hated it!  But, she had fun making it.  :-)

Drew had what was supposed to be his last basketball game yesterday so each kid got a trophy.  The trophy made his day!  Due to all of the snow, his team has make up games next weekend so the season isn't quite over yet.

Team picture

Drew with his trophy

Kayley was very proud of Drew!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Slow Week

It was a slow week at our house so I don't have much to write about (or pictures).  Drew and Kayley missed school on Monday and Tuesday due to cold.  Yep, cold.  Not snow, not ice.  Cold.  I hate to say this because I hated it when people said it to me, but back in my day, that didn't happen!  Unless there was a lot of snow or ice on the roads, we went to school.  We may have had a late start, but we went.  Illinois doesn't do late starts, but they should! 

We did get snow yesterday and we got quite a bit so the kids have been in heaven.  I am officially over winter, but it appears it isn't done with us.  We are looking to get 3-6 more inches on Tuesday, with the possibility of a major winter storm (do they throw in that last part because they don't have any idea how much we will actually get?).  And temperatures look to be going below zero on Wednesday and Thursday night so we are looking at the possibility of no school on Thursday and Friday from that if not from the possible major winter storm.  Grrr!!!  The kids are going to be in school until the second week of June at this rate. 

Drew is King Bee (his classroom theme is bumblebees) next week at school.  As part of that, he gets to bring home Buzzy the Bee for the weekend.  He did the same thing last year with Ollie the Owl.  Drew has to bring pictures and write a note to his class about what they did over the weekend.  We took a few pictures of Buzzy's time with us and that is it for pictures this week!

Drew and Buzzy in the snow tunnel

We made sugar cookies while it snowed

Painting on Sunday