Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Father's Day!!

We spent most of Father's Day weekend at the ball fields for Drew and Kayley's games.  Drew and Kayley had fun playing, Ryan had fun eating snacks and running away from us and I got fried.  I put sunscreen on the kids, but didn't put any on myself.  Yes, I am an adult and yes I know better.  I just thought I would get a little sun.  I didn't really appreciate how long we would be out there.  To make it even better, we have a wedding to attend this weekend and I have some amazing "tan" lines.

After the games, we came home and Ryan napped and Andy made homemade strawberry jam.  When Ryan woke up, I took the kids to the church that is basically in our backyard for their Father's Day celebration.  Two important points - we do not belong to that church and we didn't bring Andy to the Father's Day celebration.  I felt like a wedding crasher and it was even worse that we didn't bring dad with us to the event for fathers!  Now, in my defense, Andy was still making his jam and didn't want to stop and my friends belong to that church and told us to go.  That makes it ok, right?  Anyway, the kids had a great time!

Toddler bounce house area for Ryan

Barrel train rides

Checking out the Cat car

Running the police robot

The kids gave Andy their Father's Day gifts on Sunday morning.  Here are my favorites (see below for what they said):

1.  My Dad is ____ years old.
     Drew: 36
     Kayley: 36
2.  He likes to wear_________
     Drew: shorts
     Kayley:  underwear
3.  He loves to eat ___________
     Drew: chicken, steak and pork chops
     Kayley: hamburgers
4.  He is smart because he knows__________
     Drew: math
     Kayley: everything
5.  My dad works hard at ________
     Drew: work
     Kayley: work
6.  Dad gets mad when __________
     Drew: do something naughty
     Kayley: Drew and me do not pick up
7.  Dad is happy when __________
     Drew: we do something nice
     Kayley: Drew and me pick up
8.  If he could go on a trip, he would go __________ and he would take __________
     Drew: to Disney World; the whole family
     Kayley: to church; girlfriend
9.  My Dad always tells me _________
     Drew: that I am awesome
     Kayley:  to pick up
10. The best thing about my Dad is ________
     Drew: he plays baseball with me
     Kayley:  he is awesome

I was definitely interested in Kayley's answer to #8.  When I asked who his girlfriend was, she told me it was me.  Whew!!!!  :-)

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