Thursday, May 29, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent Memorial Day weekend with family, just not each other.  Andy took Drew and Kayley to Omaha for our nephew's high school graduation.  The kids didn't bathe for 3 days, stayed up until after midnight each night and ate a a lot of junk food.  I'd say they enjoy time with their Dad!  I don't have any pictures since I wasn't there, but Drew and Kayley had a lot of fun with their cousin, JD and everyone had fun at Brandon's graduation party.

I took Ryan to Iowa for my cousin's memorial service.  Lisa died in April and her wish was to be cremated and buried near our grandparents in Iowa.  It didn't really hit me that she was gone until we had the service at the cemetery.  Lisa loved our family so much and since she was the oldest cousin she had the best stories about our family.  I will never forget her laugh either.  She is and will always be greatly missed.

Almost all of my cousins came back for the weekend.  While the weekend was sad, we also enjoyed reminiscing about Lisa and catching up with each other.

On Saturday morning, we went to the school in Boxholm for the final open house.  Matt and I went to elementary school there and my parents went there for high school.  The building is older than I remember and I remember it being pretty old!  It was fun to see it again, but sad at the same time because they are going to tear the building down.  The town is too small to support a school anymore.

Playing on the playground

He didn't want to leave!

Ryan enjoyed all of the attention he was given throughout the weekend too since he was the only little one around.

Stan and Ryan

Happy boy!

Hanging out with Grandpa before bed
Unfortunately, it wasn't all fun for Ryan.  My cousin came outside at about 10:30 pm on Saturday to let me know that my Mom said Ryan was crying and that he had gotten sick.  I walked into the bedroom and he had puked all over the pack 'n play.  Ugh.  Thank goodness for my Mom!  She helped me clean it up and give Ryan a bath.  I sat with him for a little over an hour in the recliner.  He didn't get sick again, but he clearly didn't feel good because he wasn't falling asleep and was very restless.  Neither of us got much sleep Saturday night, but he was a trooper through it all.

Sick boy

The next day.  He took a really long nap!

I may have taken a picture of the pack 'n play and sent it to Andy (yeah, I wasn't really thinking), but I'll spare you!

Mom took Ryan and I to Des Moines on Monday to meet Andy, Drew and Kayley.  They were excited to see Grandma and tell us all about their weekend.  We had lunch with Mom and then headed back to Illinois.

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